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“El Tango de Roxanne”-revival after 20 years

Since last year, the ice skating ensemble Prince Ice World has been touring Japan with exciting numbers to the most famous musical classics. Their upcoming show Prince Ice World 2023-2024 A NEW PROGRESS ~BROADWAY CLASSICS~ Tokyo will open the stage at the Dydo Drinco Ice Arena from 19 to 21 January 2024 with well-known hits performed by Japanese musical stars, brilliant dance numbers and colorful costumes. Die-hard ice skating fans can look forward to more than just dazzling performances, as Daisuke Takahashi and PIW captain Hirokazu Kobayashi have planned a very special collaboration. On January 12, one week before the event, the press was allowed to attend a rehearsal at the KOSÉ Shin-Yokohama Skating Center and gain a first impression of their upcoming project.

Photo by Kiyoshi Sakamoto
Opening the routine to the iconic movie soundtrack "Moulin Rouge", the PIW team created an exciting transition to Takahashi’s "El Tango De Roxanne", in which he and Kobayashi shared a fiery tango on ice. After this spectacular element, the two of them merged with the other performers to form a single unit and set the hall alight with tempting dance moves despite the freezing temperatures. Even though not all the choreographic elements were one hundred percent finalized, the small foretaste of the show proved to be highly entertaining. Takahashi's loyal fans ought to be particularly pleased, as the track dates back to his time as a single skater in the 2005-2006 season and is one of his most popular short programs. "It's the first time I've put this number on the ice with so many performers. There is still a solo part, but although it is the same piece, you can create a completely different atmosphere (by having so many skaters). For me, the piece feels completely new," the 37-year-old Takahashi explained.

He also revealed that he was planning to revive the program in a slightly different way. "Back then, I primarily wanted to look sexy and erotic, that was the only thing I was thinking about," he laughed. "Now I'm older, I think it's almost 20 years in between. It will be a completely different feeling." Kobayashi added that Takahashi was the only one capable of bringing the music onto the ice convincingly. "When I saw him skate to the piece back then - I was in my first year as a student and third as a senior - I was really excited. Watching him motivated me a lot."
However, according to Takahashi, the atmosphere is not the only change, as the collaboration provided him with the opportunity to try out entirely new experiences. He reported slipping into the role of the tanguera (female tango dancer) for the first time, having always taken on the leading part of the man in his ice dancing days.

In addition to Takahashi, fans can also look forward to guest appearances by well-known skaters such as Shizuka Arakawa, Shoma Uno, Nobunari Oda and Marin Honda.

(Written by Mitsuoka Maria-Laura, photographer: Kiyoshi Sakamoto)